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    Application of semiconductor refrigeration.

    Semiconductor refrigeration technology is widely used in the current refrigeration technology. In the growth of crops in greenhouse, semiconductor refrigeration technology can effectively control the environment temperature, especially for some plants with high requirements for the environment. Using semiconductor refrigeration technology to shape the growth environment can promote the growth of plants. Semiconductor refrigeration technology is reversible, can be used for refrigeration, can also be used for heating, the regulation of the environment temperature has a good effect.
    Operation principle
    The principle of semiconductor refrigeration technology is based on the Peltier principle. In 1334, the French scientist Peltier discovered the refrigeration effect of semiconductor. The Peltier principle is also known as "Peltier benefit". It is to make full use of two different conductors. Using the circuit composed of a and B to connect with direct current, Joule heat can be generated at the junction of the circuit, and some other heat will be released at the same time. At this time, it will be found that the other junction is not releasing heat, but absorbing heat. This phenomenon is reversible. As long as the direction of the current is changed, the operation of exothermic and endothermic can be adjusted. There is a direct relationship between the intensity of the current and the heat absorbed and released, as well as the nature of the semiconductor itself. Because the Peltier efficiency of metal materials is relatively weak, and the semiconductor materials operate based on the Peltier principle, the effect will be stronger, so in the refrigeration materials, semiconductor becomes the main raw material. However, in the use of this material, it should be noted that most of the dimensionless values of semiconductor materials are close to 1, which is lower than the solid theoretical model. The data obtained in the calculation of the actual data is 4. Therefore, in the use of semiconductor materials, to make the reasonable use of semiconductor refrigeration technology, we need to conduct in-depth research.
    Application strategy
    Semiconductor refrigeration technology has been widely used in the field of medicine, industry, even in daily life, so the technology has a very good prospect. For example, using semiconductor refrigeration technology in modern refrigeration equipment, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., can be equipped with electronic coolers. Semiconductor refrigerators use semiconductor refrigeration technology. In practical application, they can be used according to the needs of customers to better meet customer requirements. Different semiconductor refrigeration chips, in the process of connection, can be used in parallel or series according to the needs, placed in the right position can play a role. In the 1950s, the Soviet Union developed a small model refrigerator with a capacity of only 10 liters. The refrigerator is very small and easy to use. Japan has developed a refrigerator for storing red wine. The temperature should be strictly controlled. Semiconductor refrigeration technology can meet the refrigeration requirements of refrigerators. With the continuous development of society, people in the pursuit of quality of life at the same time, the requirements for refrigeration equipment are also increasingly high. When people use semiconductor refrigerators, they will find that the power consumption of this kind of refrigerators is lower than that of traditional refrigerators, even up to 20%, with good energy-saving effect. Semiconductor air conditioning, different from the air conditioning used in daily life, is used in special places, such as engine room, submarine and so on. Adopting relatively stable refrigeration technology can not only ensure rapid refrigeration, but also meet the needs of semiconductor refrigeration. Some American companies have found that semiconductor refrigeration technology also has an important function, that is, reasonable application in active batteries can ensure the continuous supply of power for more than 8 hours. In automobile refrigeration equipment, semiconductor refrigeration technology has also been applied. Including agriculture, astronomy and medicine, semiconductor refrigeration technology also plays an important role.
    Difficulties and problems
    (I) difficulties in semiconductor refrigeration technology
    Many parameters are involved in the process of semiconductor refrigeration, and the conditions are complex and changeable. Any parameter has an effect on the cooling effect. In the laboratory research, because it is difficult to meet the specified noise, it is necessary to study the laboratory environment, but some influencing factors are difficult to explore. Semiconductor refrigeration technology is based on the ion effect of refrigeration technology, with reversibility. Therefore, in the application of refrigeration technology, there will be a large temperature difference between the hot and cold end, which will inevitably affect the refrigeration effect.
    (II) problems in semiconductor refrigeration technology
    Firstly, the high-quality coefficient of semiconductor materials can not be further improved as required, which will inevitably affect the application of semiconductor refrigeration technology. Secondly, the cold end cooling system and the hot end cooling system are optimized, but they are still in the theoretical stage without upgrading in technology and playing a better role in application, which leads to the semiconductor cooling technology can not be improved according to the application needs. Third, there are limitations in the application of semiconductor refrigeration technology in other fields and related fields. Therefore, the use of semiconductor refrigeration technology is very few, and the research on semiconductor refrigeration technology is difficult to expand in technology without starting from the perspective of application. Fourth, in the market economy environment, the development of science and technology, semiconductor refrigeration technology to obtain development, need to consider various issues. We should pay attention to the application of semiconductor refrigeration technology and consider various factors to make the technology play a better role.

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